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“I always feel helpless because the victims are children,” ASP Chen said.

“Some of them are babies and toddlers. Some of these videos depict very, very, very violent sexual abuse of children, so the experience is very serious to you. impact.”

Frustration arises when attempts to locate a victim are unsuccessful in order to rescue the victim.

She added: “It can be quite overwhelming at times, but what drives me to process all this material despite these feelings is the fact that criminals are still out there.

“Criminals continue to harm children, reinforcing my determination to find a breakthrough so that they can be identified.”

help accused people

HT Cares employee Joseph Chu, also a trained counselor at Feiyue Community Services, comes to suspects after they are arrested and advises them on how to seek help to avoid reoffending.

Even before the alleged perpetrators are brought to justice, if they wish, the underlying social problems that contributed to their accused behavior, such as longing for intimacy and low self-esteem, should be addressed. given the opportunity to identify

Chu currently supports three clients involved in child sexual abuse cases.

“Many of them[are battling]addictions to sexual and pornographic material. We will refer you to an agency that provides a ‘Audio Reaches Your Heart’: What Singapore Police Need to Investigate Child Pornography Cases

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