Arts In Education

Education has seen immense transformation in the years altogether. The transition is backed up by many claims ,technological innovation andCreativity. The Education system urged for a huge reform in its approach. The introduction of new curriculum wherein Art Education is rendered great importance in the teaching strategies of almost all subjects. It enables the learners to fulfil its understanding using Art . Art prioritize the value of creativity in teaching – learning process.

Art Integrated learning allows an individual to use all its intelligence to sensitize it capabilities and abilities of understanding and develop a better concept of the subject or topic taught.Various resources are needed to supplement Art education in classroom. Almost all subjects can be approached through Art .It is a dynamic approach producing intense results in terms of interest and respond of children. It helps improving our classroom strategies.

Art promotes physical and psychological well-being of an individual. Education through Art gives the learners ample space for creative expression and it reduces stress. It helps to improve memory , retention power and gets them more socially connected.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Education said that instructions become more effective when Educators integrate creative activities and make them central to academic development. Classrooms should be reimagined with opportunities of reflecting ideas through drawing , painting , music etc. It encourages the students to use their imagination and foster active participation with new concepts and help discover connections between ideas.

Art helps children to communicate their own ideas and become interested in creating increasingly realistic depictions and mastering new techniques. Students tend to think critically about their work and set their own point of view or perspective. Researchers have put forth the benefits of Art education in improvement for overall motivation, thinking and academic achievement.

An arts- integrated curriculum offers a platform to master creativity in all aspects and further extract the personal experience of an individual in presenting ones ideas, each one happens to be unique in its own way.Educators today need to enhance their capabilities by excelling in supplementing their ability to bring creative approach in their teaching style giving transformative results. Arts learning improves concentration ,motivation , confidence and teamwork.

The university of Florida’s online Master of Arts in Art education (MAAE) program renders help to teachers in acquiring a different approach. This program features courses which prepare Educators to work in a variety of learning environments, extend support to students irrespective of age difference, incorporate digital tools into their pedagogy and foster critical thinking.

The years of research predicts that Arts education is related to almost everything and it develops our children in the way we expect from schools: academic achievements , social and emotional development, civic engagement and equal opportunities.

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