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WASHINGTON: Apple announced Monday that it will hold federal hearings on its challenge to a judge’s order in an antitrust lawsuit that could force iPhone makers to change payment practices on the App Store by Fortnite maker Epic Games. He announced that he would appeal to the Supreme Court.

In a court filing, Apple will hear an appeal from Friday’s ruling by the San Francisco-based Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that upheld most of the 2021 order issued by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez. He said he would ask the officials. Rogers.

The judge’s order states that Apple cannot prohibit developers from providing links or buttons within their apps to payment options that take consumers outside the App Store, which will be paid to Apple. This is a measure that may reduce sales commissions.

Epic sued Apple in 2020, challenging the fees Apple charges for in-app payments. Epic wasn’t asking for monetary damages, but an injunction from Apple. Rogers ruled against most of Epic’s claims, but issued an order that Apple is challenging.

In its appeal to the Ninth Circuit, Epic challenged key parts of the judge’s ruling in favor of Apple, while Apple challenged the order on the App Store. The Ninth Circuit upheld most of the judge’s rulings in April. The Ninth Circuit on Friday denied Apple’s and Epic’s petitions to ask the court to review the April ruling.

Epic Games may also request an appeal hearing in the Supreme Court.

In its appeal to the Ninth Circuit, Epic sought to revive antitrust claims against Apple over restrictive app distribution and payment services.

In Monday’s filing, Apple’s attorneys argued that the Ninth Circuit’s nationwide injunction against Apple for violating California’s unfair competition law went too far.

Apple said the Supreme Court motion would raise “broad and important” questions about a judge’s power to issue broad injunctions.

The case is Epic Games Inc v. Apple Inc., Ninth United States Court of Appeals for the Circuit, No. 21-16506. Apple asks U.S. Supreme Court to reverse App Store order in Epic Games lawsuit

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