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Voting in the Malaysian election for the parliamentary seat in Balam, Sarawak, was postponed to Saturday (19 November) due to bad weather.

A new date has not yet been announced. This means that only his 220 seats out of the 222 contested seats will be announced.

A statement from the Malaysian Electoral Commission (SPR) said voting in Balam was suspended due to bad weather, and police were unable to reach their places of duty by air, land or sea.

Voting at 11 polling stations was affected.

In addition to Balam’s seat, voting for Kedah’s Padang Serai seat was postponed to December 7 after the election. Death of Candidate Pakatan Harapan campaign earlier this week.

A Balam Facebook user posted a photo of a long line of voters standing knee-deep in flood water at a pool center.

Sarawak’s police chief said earlier on Saturday that the polls in the flood-affected areas of Balam were proceeding as planned. Another seat unavailable in Malaysia GE15 after bad weather forced vote postponement in Balam, Sarawak

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