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LOS ANGELES: An American woman who wrote a book about dealing with grief after her husband’s death has been charged with murdering her husband.

By Kouri Richins Are You With Me? Months after Eric Richins was found dead in his Utah bedroom in March 2022.

Richins told police she mixed her husband’s drink and took him to bed. When she returned later, she found him “cold to the touch,” Fox 13 reported on Monday (May 8).

An autopsy revealed that he died of a fentanyl overdose.

Investigators discovered that Kouri Richens had asked acquaintances to obtain strong prescription pain relievers, specifically “Michael Jackson’s.”

Richins received up to 30 fentanyl tablets.

A few days later, Eric Richnes “told a friend he thought his wife was going to poison him,” investigator documents said, according to Fox 13.

Kouri Richins obtained another batch of fentanyl shortly before her husband died.

Richins’ book, published almost exactly one year after her husband’s death, is described in its blurb as “heartwarming and reassuring.”

“Written by a loving mother who has faced this challenge personally, this book is designed to provide solace and solace to young minds.

“Are You With Me” is the story of a child who has lost his father, only to find that his presence is still around him, as if an angel is watching over him.

The couple, who have been married for nine years, had three children, all boys.

Richins is charged with aggravated murder and three counts of possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.

The indictment came less than a year after the woman who wrote the booklet “How to Kill Your Husband” was jailed for his murder.

Nancy Crampton Brophy shot her spouse twice at a cooking institute where she worked in Oregon in hopes of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance.

The author of “Never Felt Wrong,” a series of novels involving the wrong husband and the wrong lover, was caught by CCTV running around the murder scene, but claims she has no recollection of being there. And instead she was probably trying to get inspiration for a new work of fiction.

A movie about murder called How to Kill Your Husband, starring Moonlight star Cybill Shepard and Short Circuit actor Steve Guttenberg, was released in January. American woman who wrote book on grief charged with murdering husband

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