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WASHINGTON: Google’s parent company, Alphabet, asked a U.S. federal judge on Monday to dismiss a Justice Department lawsuit that alleges the company illegally abused the dominance of online advertising.

The government, which filed an ad tech lawsuit with eight states in January, said it should force Google to sell its Ad Manager suite. Google denies wrongdoing.

The case is being heard by Judge Leonie Brinkema of the Eastern District of Virginia.

The Justice Department’s ad tech lawsuit follows another lawsuit filed late in the Trump administration in 2020, which accused Google of violating antitrust laws to maintain its dominance in search. The case will go to trial in September.

The Biden administration is seeking to strengthen antitrust enforcement. Alongside the Google lawsuit, there’s also a long list of merger challenges. Alphabet seeks dismissal of US antitrust lawsuits relating to Google’s online advertising.

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