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A video of a disabled man being dragged down the aisle of an airplane has gone viral on social media.

A TikTok user shared a video of the incident, noting that AirAsia flight QZ268 from Jakarta landed at Changi Airport on Sept. 29.

The man was said to have been asked to pay S$40 for an aisle wheelchair service in order to ride in a wheelchair three meters from his seat on the third floor.

“This is how AirAsia treats paraplegic passengers,” added the original poster.

In one of the videos, a man could be seen dragging down the aisle while a stewardess stood nearby and tried to help him at one point.

More airline staff provided assistance another videoone steward tried to lift the man to his destination.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault,” a passenger was heard telling staff.

TikTok user Farizan Jaffar wondered if the SGD40 fee mentioned was for wheelchair assistance upon arrival at the airport. “Wheelchairs in aisles are free,” she added, though others have confirmed that to be true.

According to the AirAsia website, wheelchair service fees vary depending on departure and arrival countries.

Passengers arriving from Jakarta to Singapore had to pay S$11 (IDR 120,000) based on the in-flight fare for wheelchair service.

However, the website states, “People with a disability certificate or OKU card number are exempt from the wheelchair fee. Once the card number is inserted, the fee will not be displayed.”

The card must be presented at check-in to be waived of applicable charges.

AirAsia has since apologized to its passengers for the incident, according to MustShare News.

“We have procedures in place for the transportation of guests with physical or mobility impairments, including the provision of an aisle wheelchair that will be highlighted during the booking process and can be pre-booked at the time of booking to ensure a smooth experience. I do,” he said. AirAsia’s Premier Airport and Customer Experience Officer.

The airline also said it would ensure that such incidents never happened again./TISG


We landed at Changi Airport on AirAsia QZ268 from Jakarta on Sep 29, 2022 and asked him to pay $40 for a wheelchair in the aisle just to get down to his wheelchair which was 3 meters away from the seat on the 3rd floor. I asked.This is how AirAsia treats paraplegic passengers #airasia #tony fernandez

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