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Singapore – An additional two days of paid leave for all Singaporeans to visit the country’s heritage and cultural heritage and gain a better understanding of Singapore’s identity – this was held on Saturday at the Forward Singapore It was one of the main suggestions made by participants in the dialogue.

The dialogue, which will see around 20 such sessions held in Heartland, aims to enable more Singaporeans to contribute their opinions and ideas. Update Singapore’s social pact and roadmap for the next decade and beyond.

The event, organized by the People’s Association, was attended by a total of 136 participants, all residents of Marshalling U Tee GRC.

The youngest participant is 16 years old and the oldest is 75 years old.

Discussions centered around six pillars: build, manage, care, equip, empower and unite.

A proposal to add two days of paid leave to all Singaporeans for cultural exploration, as participants said they could build unity by gaining a deeper understanding of Singapore’s common identity was under the pillar of unity.

They said Singaporeans can familiarize themselves with the national symbols and use their time to visit the heritage and cultural sites here.

Under the Equipment Pillar, participants suggested changes in schools, such as having subjects centered on practical skills in primary school.

This is so that future generations can acquire life skills long before they enter the workforce.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who attended the event on Saturday, thanked participants for sharing their ideas.

He said what Singapore wants to achieve with its community can be summed up in three key themes: opportunity, assurance and unity.

“We are doing this as a series of conversations across Singapore as part of this Forward Singapore exercise,” he said.

“It’s an exercise for us to think about how we want to plan our new path together in this new post-pandemic world, because we all instinctively think that it’s going to be a very different world.” Because I feel it.” Additional holiday days to build unity among proposals in Forward Singapore dialogue

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