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SEOUL – South Korean actor Yoo Ah In has issued a second apology for his alleged drug use. This time it’s social his media.

The 36-year-old apologized in front of the media on Monday after being questioned for 12 hours by South Korean police on suspicion of using illegal drugs.

“After the police investigation ended yesterday, I gave an incomplete apology,” he wrote on Instagram on Tuesday in Korean. I let a lot of people down. I’m sorry.”

His real name, Uhm Hongsik, also apologized to those who worked with him in movies, dramas, and commercials.

Several shows starring Yoo have been put on hold after his drug allegations. The Netflix series Goodbye Earth, which also stars actress Ahn Eun-jin and actor Jung Sung-woo. Fantasy movie “Hi.5” starring actress Ra Mi Ran and actor Ahn Jae Hong.

So was Yu Dropped from the Netflix series Hellbound, Actor Kim Sung-cheol replaced him in the role of the cult leader in the second season, with the first season released in November 2021.

“There are many people who have supported me and given me generous encouragement and love so that I could continue my acting career,” he continued. I’m ashamed and regretful because I’ve hurt so many people.It’s because of my mistakes that I caused so much damage to so many people.I’m sorry.”

Yoo said he would fully cooperate with future investigations and added that he would accept legal punishment.

The actor is under police investigation following reports from the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that he had been buying propofol, a potent sleep-inducing drug, for non-medical reasons since 2021.

He tested positive for marijuana and propofol after police sent his hair and urine samples to the National Forensic Service in February. I confirmed that Actor Yoo Ah In apologizes again for suspected drug use, latest TV news

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