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Plans to help existing migrant worker dormitories transition to improved living standards are expected to be announced in late 2023. On the lessons learned from Covid-19, Manpower Minister Thanh Si Ren said:

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When the poor living conditions here in the dorms were scrutinized Covid-19 spread like wildfire among more than 300,000 boarding students, About half will have the virus by August 2020. New standards include a 12-occupant limit per room and mandatory private toilets, key to reducing the risk of future outbreaks, but requirements announced in September 2021 are considering new dormitories due to cost and other concerns when renovating existing dormitories. A transition plan, likely including financial support, paves the way for all migrant workers here to benefit from improved living spaces.

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1. Enforcement of small dormitories strengthened by expansion of law in April

With the expansion of the Foreign Employee Dormitory Act (Feda) on April 1, authorities have imposed additional penalties against errant dormitory operators, especially small dormitory operators who house workers in industrial buildings and warehouses. will provide the means. Since 2017, four factory-refurbished dormitories have been indicted for unacceptable living conditions, and an additional 175 have been warned or fined. You can also prohibit accepting new residents until the problem is corrected. On Monday, lawmakers praised the important role non-governmental organizations have played in helping migrant workers during the pandemic and urged officials to continue to work closely with these groups.

2. Balancing the trade-offs in development and conservation of the Southern Islands

The biodiversity-rich Southern Islands are in the spotlight for development. New Tiny House for Vacationing on Lazarus Island It’s going to be a lot of fun. Responding to Rep. Ruisung’s call to strengthen the protection of the nation’s marine spaces and to upgrade the Sisters Island Marine Park to a nature reserve, Minister of National Development Desmond said Lee said the marine parks are under the Parks and Trees Act. said to be protected by Under the law, removal of biodiversity is prohibited and activities such as fishing and coral collection are restricted. Singapore’s small size means there will always be competing demands for land and sea space, but Lee said the government is committed to being a responsible steward of Singapore’s coastal and maritime space. emphasized that

3. Prepare a National Strategy for Mental Health and Wellbeing by the end of 2023:

By the end of 2023, a national plan will be developed aimed at creating a more caring and inclusive Singapore where everyone can seek help and support mental health. After a previous group convened to study the mental health impact of Covid-19 on the population recommended a whole-of-government approach to the issue. May 2022, Task Force Offers 12 recommendations to address gaps Strengthen support for youth mental health in areas such as the accessibility and quality of mental health services here. A public consultation was also held. Abstract: MPs discuss tackling future pandemics, housing for migrant workers

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