A guide to the best places for Singapore’s water sports

If the weather is too hot to deal with lately, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, Singapore has endless cool-down options, but if you need more exciting options than swimming in the pool or splashing on the beach or water park, choose one or two water sports. Is the best way to survive the heat.

With its calm waters and easy access, Singapore is one of the best places for beginners to learn the basics of water sports such as kayaking and sailing. If you’re looking for speed, there’s always wakeboarding and windsurfing. Both are guaranteed to keep you on your toes while taking in warm sunlight and cool sea breeze. If you’re interested in the latest trend of stand-up paddleboarding, there are also facilities that require calorie blasting.

Here you can enjoy wet and wild water sports in Singapore.


Suitable for both beginners and experienced riders seeking adrenaline fixes, this cable ski park is built in the East Coast Park lagoon where you can experience the pace of wake surfing. If you are keen on picking, you can start in a safe environment. Raise it. Three cable systems are available here. One is a full size cable system for veteran wakeboarders (System C) and the other is a straight cable system for beginners and children (Systems A and B). This allows you to study at your own pace without feeling anxious.

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MacRitchie isn’t just for trekking. The calm and vast waters of the famous reserve are also fun places to kayak. The Paddle Lodge, operated by the Singapore Canoe Federation, offers single or double sit-on-top kayaks for use in the “Beginner Zone”, while experienced paddler is a closed, more challenging competition lane in the center of the reservoir. You can choose-Kayak decks and sprints. Paddler must carry his kayak from the facility’s storage room to the body of water, so expect a little training just before the actual adventure begins.

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In addition to being a beach paradise, beach clubs are also known for offering water sports for those who want to cool down on the adrenaline side. In addition to single and double kayaks, you can also try stand-up paddleboarding and seemingly easy-to-see calorie-burning workouts. End your water adventure with a banana boat or donut ride. Here you and your friends and family can bathe in the sea breeze in the most exhilarating way possible.

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Tired of experiencing Marina Bay in the towering bars and restaurants? Marina Bay Sailing is a program sponsored by the Singapore Sailing Federation and DBS that makes sailing accessible to everyone in the heart of the city. Two keel boat sizes are available here, depending on the size of the party. A professional skipper will board and explain the basics while participating in tasks such as raising the jib. It’s a light job, but you see the city in a new light and come back with a new appreciation for sailing.

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Surfing enthusiasts will know how difficult it is to catch a decent wave in the local ocean. Thankfully, Splash and Surf in the water park on the rooftop of Karan Wave Mall lets you realize your wild half-pipe dreams with Stingray, an artificial wave pool that can also be bodyboarded or skimboarded. The session is also suitable for beginners and the instructor will guide you through a dry run of practice movements before heading to the wave pool. Expect full body workouts with this as all the last muscles are needed to maintain balance with the force of the spouting water.

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The Water Sports Center is not designed for training of elite athletes only. Located along the Karan Basin, this facility is also a great place for rookies who want to try paddling, with kayaking and canoeing to guide you through all the attractions along the river by kayaking and canoeing. The adorable otter family also appears here. ..New water sports enthusiasts can choose at any time In the Kayak Orientation Program, certified instructors will learn all the basics.


Kayak and canoe rentals start at S $ 12 per person

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Operated by the Constant Wind Sea Sports and Sailing School, the center offers water sports courses such as windsurfing and sailing.If you always wanted to sail And Windsurfing is the best bet here as you only have one time to surf. Otherwise, a basic laser sailing course and a stand-up paddle course are also available.

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A guide to the best places for Singapore’s water sports

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