A guide to planning the perfect picnic in Singapore

It’s time to go out to the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for an easy solution for Cabin Fever, why not plan a picnic instead? A cool breeze, the skin absorbs all of the vitamin D, and the feet are in contact with the actual grass, which sounds exactly like the type of remedy we need outside the home.

Still, planning a picnic can be daunting. You need to scrutinize the best places and bring 101 items with you for the perfect one. From food and drink to mats, ornaments and dishes, it seems like a hassle for anyone who wants to eat under a cloudy blue sky.

To help you, we have collected some of the best resources for a perfect picnic in Singapore. Read the complete list of picnic hampers and picnic planners.

Shake affinity

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Shake Affinity is a one-stop destination for planning picnics in Singapore. All you need to do is a decorative theme, your favorite dish (you can even let them know if you’re thinking of something special!) And let them know the drink you want. That is.

What if you are thinking of a special occasion? Shake Affinity also hosts add-ons such as the mobile cocktail bar and professional photography services that capture every moment you want to remember.

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(Image credit: Picneeds)

In non-COVID situations, Picneeds usually provide a beautiful, hassle-free picnic setup for tired planners. We are offering the same service this time, but we will recreate the experience at home. The DIY rental kit comes with everything you need for your picnies session and is delivered immediately.

There are three different options currently available. Perfect pair for 2 people, Fab 5 for 5 people, We Are Family curated for parties of 6-8 people. With each package, you can also end the experience with add-ons such as the Tart Option for Sweet Snacks.

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Picnic singapore
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In addition to glamping, the KxS event team also offers guests picnic packages. Choose from three different packages. Petite for minimalists, La Norme for slightly dressy occasions, and Le Meilleur for a luxurious day. The price includes shipping / setup service charges and food and decoration add-ons are also available. Halal-based add-ons can be arranged for Muslim guests.

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Lo & Behold Group

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I’ve heard through vines that The Lo & Behold Group, the people behind the crowd’s favorite facilities like Tanjong Beach Club and Over Easy, are launching a new Dine In Nature concept.The concept includes two picnic baskets filled with treats from other facilities, including white rabbit duck rillettes, chicken liver parfait, rubon funk sourdough, and camembert truffles stuffed with walnuts and shoe pastries. increase..

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Bee knee in the garage

Picnic singapore
(Image credit: Bee knee in the garage)

If you’re looking for a picnic-style botanical garden meal, The Garage’s Bee’s Knees has partnered with homemade event service brand Packdd Singapore to create picnic buzzets for guests.

These picnic buzzets are a convenient and delicious way to enjoy a picnic in Singapore. Each comes with a well-equipped picnic setup, including a decorative picnic mat, folding table, fluffy cushions, and battery-powered candlelight. Diner can be done between three different dining options: light meal, brunch or dinner, and vineyard picnic buzzet. Cocktails and additional menu items are also available on request. What is the best part of this experience? When you’re done, just put the basket and its accessories back in Bee’s Knees and no cleaning is required.

(Hero image credit: Kate Hliznitsova via Unsplash)

A guide to planning the perfect picnic in Singapore

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