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BELGRADE: Eight students and a security guard were killed in a school shooting in the Serbian capital Belgrade on Wednesday (May 3), the interior ministry said, with police accused of carrying out the attack. Arrested a teenage student.

The incident rocked the Balkans. School shootings of this scale have not happened in decades.

The shooting occurred at 8:40 am (06:40 GMT) at a primary school in the Vrakal district of downtown Belgrade.

Police quickly cordoned off the neighborhood as parents rushed to the scene of visibly distraught students waiting outside the school.

“Eight children and a security guard were killed, while six children and a teacher were injured,” the interior ministry said.

“All police are still at the scene and are working intensively to clarify all the facts and circumstances that led to this tragedy.”

Milan Nederikovic, head of Belgrade’s Vrakar district where the shooting took place, said school security guards likely prevented more deaths by putting themselves in front of the gunman.

Security guards “wanted to prevent a tragedy. He was the first victim,” Nederikovic told reporters. 9 dead in Belgrade elementary school shooting

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