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When she was trapped in a windowless bathroom, Yang only drank water from the faucet to earn a living so she could sleep while sitting on the toilet.

The 31-year-old Singaporean, who refused to give his full name, was unable to call for help during the four-day ordeal because he did not have a mobile phone.

“When I get hungry, I quench my thirst with plenty of water,” she said.

For the past year, Yan, who lives alone in a penthouse in a two-story condominium near Beauty World in Bukit Timah, told The Straits Times that just days before he was stranded, six door handles made the 10-year-old house It felt a little loose, but we brushed it off.

On November 24, after she closed the door to take a shower, the bathroom door handle fell off. rice field.

At that time, the worry had not yet begun. “My parents are in China and they text every day, so if I go missing they will find out and I know they will take action,” she said.

But the wait for help was long.

Over the next few days, especially early in the morning, she knocked loudly on the bathroom door, hoping someone would notice. “But no one did,” she said, adding that every time she heard the doorbell ring, she knocked harder.

She said that in between trying to free herself, she thinks about her family and work, and about future solutions to prevent similar problems from reoccurring in the future.

Every time she heard her pet parrot singing outside, her spirit dropped a bit.

Her lucky break came when police went to her apartment to investigate her disappearance.

In a December 29 Facebook post, Senior Staff Sergeants Ibnu Musari and Mikdad Fissal described how they responded when Yang’s relatives called for help on the evening of November 27. I’m here.

Her relatives were worried because she had not been contacted for the past four days. When he went to her apartment to check on her, he had no answer for her and her cell phone was off as well.

When the two police officers arrived at her mansion, neighbors told them they hadn’t seen her for days either, while the delivery packages were strewn outside her house.

Sergeant Mikudad said he and his colleague were talking to a neighbor when they noticed a faint rapping sound coming from the other side of the wall.

With the help of security, officers gained access to her apartment and forced open the bathroom door. They then gave her a towel and some clothes.

“When I heard the voices of the police, I was very grateful and moved,” Yang said, adding that she wrote them a thank you letter.

Paramedics who arrived shortly after checking her condition, after being given a health certificate, immediately called her parents, sending over 40 messages to her.

Her first task after that was to get food – the hotpot bowl she ordered.

She eventually plans to keep a spare cell phone in the bathroom or use a smartwatch so she can contact someone if she gets trapped again.

“But for now, I don’t close the bathroom door all the way anymore,” Yang said. 4 Days Without Food: Singaporean Woman Stuck in Penthouse Toilet, Latest Singapore News

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