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SINGAPORE – Around 35 residents were evacuated and one was taken to hospital after an apartment building in Pasiruris caught fire on Sunday night.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) said in a Facebook post late Sunday that it had been alerted to a fire at a two-story apartment building of the Housing Commission at Block 571 Pasir Ris Street 53 at 9:15 p.m. I was.

A fire was raging in the unit’s kitchen when SCDF firefighters arrived. They put out the flames using compressed air foam backpacks and water jets.

“As a result of the fire, the rest of the unit suffered heat and soot damage,” SCDF said.

Five managed to escape from the apartment before SCDF officers arrived.

One of the neighboring units was taken to Changi General Hospital after feeling dizzy.

SCDF is investigating the cause of the fire. 35 residents evacuated after fire broke out in Pasir Ris flat kitchen

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