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Halloween season is approaching. If you think ghosts are scary, wait until you see how haunting ghosts can be.

Three out of five Singapore singles have ghosted someone or have been ghosted, according to a new national survey by Bumble, a female-focused dating and social networking app. understood.

The survey was conducted online from August 5 to 16 with 1,001 Gen Z and Millennials in Singapore.

57% of survey respondents have ghosted someone. Those who ghost say it’s because they don’t feel connected (56%), they’re busy (43%), or they want to avoid an awkward conversation that ends the relationship (37%).

Women were found to be much more likely than men to do or say something offensive during a date.

61% of respondents have been ghosted before. Those who were ghosted were more depressed, less confident, and more cautious when it came to dating.

65% of respondents believe ghosting is not an appropriate way to end a relationship. Gen Z is particularly against ghosting, with 69% believing it’s inappropriate.

Conversely, millennials (60%) are more likely than Gen Z (51%) to ghost someone due to lack of connectivity, and 38% of millennials say ghosting is a normal phenomenon. , but only 20% in the generation. Zs.

Bumble’s Asia Pacific Communications Director Lucille McCart said in a press release: Or just correspondence.

“As uncomfortable as it may be, this temporary discomfort is a gesture of kindness and respect that allows the person to accept closure to move forward.”

She added: 3 out of 5 Singapore singles are or have been ghosted: survey, latest Singapore news

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