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Parents enrolling their children in any of the 27 elementary schools must vote during Phase 2A of the Primary School 1 Enrollment Exercise this year.

At this stage last year, 28 elementary schools voted. There are 181 primary schools in Singapore.

The overcrowded schools to be voted on this year include Bishan’s Catholic high school (primary school), according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Education (MOE) on its website Wednesday night. The school has 135 students competing for 116 slots. And at Holy Innocents Elementary School in Hogan, he has 115 students out of 103 slots.

Both schools will conduct polls for Singaporean children living two kilometers outside the campus.

Schools that voted for Singaporean children living within a kilometer of their location include Horizon Primary School in Punggol, with 105 applicants for slot 77, and Seng Kang Green Primary School, with 121 applicants for slot 92. .

Children who applied to schools such as Henry Park Primary School in the Netherlands were even luckier. The school had 109 applicants for the same quota. Ferngreen Elementary School in Sengkang also applied for 50 vacancies with 50 students.

Phase 2A is for children who have parents or siblings of former students, or who have parents who are members of the school’s advisory or governing board or staff.

Children in Ministry of Education (MOE) kindergartens under the desired elementary school are also eligible for this step.

This phase was created in 2022 by merging Phases 2A(1) and 2A(2), both reserved for children of graduates.

Phase 2A(1) was reserved for children whose parents were on the school’s alumni association or were members of its advisory or governing board.

Phase 2A(2) was reserved for the children of graduates who are not members of the association, the children of staff members, and the children of the Ministry of the Environment kindergarten located within the elementary school.

The MOE website said the results of the vote will be announced on Friday, and that Phase 2B vacancies will be updated on the same day. Enrollment for Phase 2B will begin on his July 24th and end on July 25th. 27 Primary Schools Hold Phase 2A Voting Mainly for Alumni, Singapore Latest News

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