2021 No Makeup Makeup Look Debanking – Bulo: Bulo

If you’re using TikTok, you may have noticed that the look without make-up is back, but we’re stepping up. Regardless of the makeup itself, this look combines glass skins, middle parts and specific outfit choices into a clean look called an off-duty model combo.

Think of the clean look as an atmosphere in itself, incorporating the 2021 fresh face natural make-up look. It looks easy at first glance, and re-explaining why it took 30 minutes to prepare is another reason for men to be confused. If you haven’t seen the TikTok trend yet, Clean Look is basically Hailey Bieber for the next numerous Instagram photos.

Clean look decomposition

Let’s start with the face. The look requires your complexion to sport a moist and fresh finish – in reality, it can only be achieved through expensive facials and 8 hours of sleep. If that fails, we say grab your most hydrating serum and go from there. The overall look is model-like, so you need to create the illusion of cheekbone height, clear chin lines, and a luscious mouth.

This is plausible if you take the time to outline and look for the perfect MLBB luster. Following the 2021 trend, the next step to undertake is to brush your eyebrows with a clear gel to make them look soft and fluffy. Needless to say, all cosmetological products used must be cream products to keep them shining.

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For your hair, break your middle piece if you haven’t succumbed to it yet, and pull it back so you can’t hide behind your luscious lock.that is cleaning It is recommended to pull it back properly so that there is no framing part of the face. Yeah, back then we were far behind us when the tumblers were messy dumplings. If you need a pretty finish, remove the claw clip.

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When it comes to accessories, you’ll want to get a gold hug and a simple chain to match it. I promise to grab an oversized black shade and stay on top of my head or wear it on my eyes wherever I go. Wear neutral or monochrome clothing, preferably with long trousers, and you’re ready to go. Now you have two options. Accept it as a way of life, or create TikTok to admit it’s trendy and then return to your brand’s off-duty.

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2021 No Makeup Makeup Look Debanking – Bulo: Bulo

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