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MOSCOW (AFP) – At least one person has been killed and four wounded in Ukrainian military shelling of the Russian border crossing in Rogachevka, the governor of Russia’s southwestern Belgorod region said on Monday.

“Sadly, one Ukrainian citizen born in 1942 has died. Four others, including three Ukrainians, were slightly injured,” Vyacheslav Gladkov said in Telegram, as border crossings were shelled from Ukraine. indicated that it was

“According to preliminary information, the residence was partially destroyed, cars and power lines were damaged,” Gladkov added.

He said emergency services cut off gas and electricity supplies after the shelling.

Governor’s statement comes as recent Ukrainian military announced major territorial acquisitions against Russian forces, Especially around the northeastern region of Kharkov, which juxtaposes with Belgorod across the border.

Kyiv announced on Saturday that it had recaptured the city of Kupyansk, about 50 kilometers south of Rogachevka. 1 killed, 4 wounded in shelling on Ukrainian border: Russian governor

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